NYC to accept Google Pay on subway and bus routes

NYC to accept Google Pay on subway and bus routes

May 26, 2019 0 By Francesca

If you use Google Pay, you might be able to tap your phone for subway or bus payments in NYC soon. Google has teamed up with The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to conduct a pilot test for Google Pay covering certain subway stations and Staten Island buses. Beginning on May 31st, the MTA will switch on the “pay per ride” feature on your device, giving you a way to tap your phone and ride. You don’t even need to launch the app itself.

When it starts, you’ll be able to use Google Pay to use all Staten Island buses and subway stations on the 4-5-6 lines between Grand Central and Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center. Maps will also roll out a feature that will show you which routes accept Google Pay in the weeks ahead.

A new Assistant feature that can show you transit updates in real time has just launched. When you ask Assistant things like “Hey Google, when is the next 4 train arriving” on your phone, a smart speaker or a Smart Display will give you ETAs and a walking route. This will be very convenient for New Yorkers to pay when using the city’s subways and buses to get a ride.

Source Engadget